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As a partner of the César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, MANE is proud to have taken part in the opening of the new Apicius Culinary Application Center, recently inaugurated by the César Ritz Colleges Switzerland in the presence of Irma Dütsch and Anton Mosimann.

With state-of-the-art equipment, this new building will be dedicated to culinary learning for specialised international students. One of the new kitchens dedicated to “food development” was named “MANE” to honour the strong partnership developed between the two companies over the past three years. The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is training the next generation of chefs. With Apicius, they want to be in-line with the new trends in terms of cuisine and equipment. Recently, the CAAS students worked with MANE chefs on trendy subjects and ingredients such as tonka bean, spirulina, vegan and ramen soups. During these projects, the students were directly exposed to international industry insights and expertise.

By training the future generation, the company invests in its future. This partnership is a very good source of inspiration and innovative ideas for MANE’s Chefs.