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MANE has an exceptionally diverse range of premium natural raw materials and innovative molecules that we obtain through biotechnology. All in all, they are the inspiration for fragrance creators when they develop tailor-made exquisite natural compounds. Our creations embody the purity of nature using shorter and cleaner formulas, often featuring the claimed ingredient at the heart of the fragrance.

Our natural ingredient palette has evolved throughout the years and today covers a wide olfactory spectrum, the latest addition being high-end fruity, powdery and gourmand notes.

Our team’s mastery of natural ingredients has led us to create game-changing scents for the fine fragrance, beauty and home-care categories, creating memorable moments in people’s daily lives.
Our expertise combined with our perfumers’ passion, their authentic relationship with raw materials and the natural environment around them have been unleashing their boundless creativity. This is what continues to shape out the signature behind our fragrances.
Our drive to adapt and succeed in an ever-changing world is what led us to develop a creative mindset, turning regulatory constraints into opportunities for innovation, and challenges into stepping-stones towards even greater inventiveness.

Now more than ever, we are thrilled to rise to the challenge of revealing the beauty of nature in our fragrances, connecting consumers with nature again.