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Since 2015, MANE has been conducting consumer surveys on the European market to track the evolution of the meat-free environment. We started by investigating the 3 key countries leading the plant-based movement in Europe: the United Kingdom, Germany and France. MANE then expanded the research to other growing markets, Spain and Italy, to uncover the key insights of these TOP 5 countries driving the trend in Europe.

This latest research, conducted in November 2020 across over 3,000 consumers, reveals that the consumption of meat-free alternatives is becoming ever more mature. In fact, while the market is still growing, the company expects growth to come primarily from the increased purchases from existing consumers rather than recruitment of new consumers.

There is still room to offer diverse meat-free options on the market: consumers tend to want more options regarding the products they buy, MANE therefore expects a greater variety in products and flavours. Additionally, plant-based meat suppliers need to consider that consumers are increasingly demanding better prices and improved taste, texture and composition.

Finally, MANE also used the opportunity through this survey to investigate consumers’ expectations in terms of products resemblance to meat, their openness to in-vitro meat, mycoproteins and other emerging plant-based proteins. The full results of this survey are relevant for both meat alternatives companies and meat producers. If this survey sparks your interest, do not hesitate to get in touch with your MANE business contact.