Veggie Cold Cuts

With its latest consumer survey entirely dedicated to meat-free cold cuts, MANE has deepened its understanding of the alternative protein market, an emerging segment. 

The company interviewed more than 1,600 consumers in Germany, Italy and Spain at the beginning of the year.

The results from this survey are in line with observations from MANE’s 3rd meat-free barometer conducted in 2020. These both showed that in addition to an appealing texture and appearance, a balanced flavour profile is an important sensory feature for consumers of meat-free cold cuts.

The survey also revealed that about three-fourths of European consumers interviewed ‘always’ or ‘often’ look at ingredient lists, demonstrating that consumers are cautious when it comes to new products released on the market.

The survey also provided another interesting insight: consumer preferences are country-specific, so local consumer expectations must be addressed to ensure successful market launch. For example, the time of day at which the products are consumed vary according to country. In Germany, 67% of consumers eat vegetarian cold cuts at breakfast, while 76% of Italian prefer to consume cold cuts at lunch or dinner.

Globally, consumers are opting for these products because they are tasty, healthy and help bring variety to everyday meals. However, MANE has also observed that enhanced and ongoing communication around these types of products is necessary to ensure their success as a new segment and to gain new consumers. Reassuring consumers about the specific features of plant-based cold cuts would help to improve their appeal and encourage new consumers to try them.