Soja Milk Mane

At MANE, we always start from a market perspective to develop adapted solutions. On Dairy alternatives, observation is clear:  market is moving faster and faster. With an 11% growth in volume between 2014 and 2018, it is the fastest growing “dairy” category. Pushed by consumption changes - with a rising interest for nutrition and sustainability – and an increasing protein production challenge to feed a growing worldwide population, plant-based products are more than a simple trend.

Opportunities exist but this market is a race. To win it, MANE has identified 3 steps: understanding the market, embracing the importance of sophistication and optimizing the product bases & taste to provide the best experience.

At MANE we follow and integrate these 3 steps in our approach on dairy alternatives. From our knowledge of the market to the development of dedicated taste solutions, we aim to develop concepts that are fitted to our clients’ objectives and are assets to win the dairy alternatives race.

For more information on our dedicated solutions for plant-based segment please reach your account manager or contact us on this website.