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MANE South Africa hosted a demonstration dinner at Cube Tasting Kitchen in Johannesburg

MANE South Africa organised an unusual dinner event using flamboyant cuisine to showcase the delicate bouquets of some of the most distinctive natural extracts featured in our Ingredients catalogue.

Using fine food to tell the story of fragrance was an inspiring move, artfully orchestrated by Olivier Cebe, Fragrance director Africa. For three nights, a selected audience was treated to an 11-course dinner specially designed by chef Dario D’Angeli at his intimate 30 seat tasting kitchen, called Cube, located in Parktown North in Johannesburg.
D’Angeli was tasked by the MANE team to create a tasting menu of delectable tangs and tastes to capture the true essence of selected MANE extracts. With over 140 years’ experience in the production of natural ingredients, MANE has perfected the extraction process of precious essential oils found in nature, which made the pairing a little easier for D’Angeli, although his menu was as complex and creative as it could get.
For example, Siamese Benzoin provided the backdrop note to a nitrogen frozen olive oil ice cream and balsamic vinegar pearls while a Pure Jungle Essence® extract of red seaweed from Brittany played delicately with a sea-scape of prawns, scallops and crab, curry gel, tom yum jelly, pickled shimeji and coral mushrooms, dehydrated chicken bouillon and garlic foam. The blindfolded guests were then enticed by the intensely aromatic, resinous smell of cardamom that wafted through the tiny restaurant. Infused with lime and paired with a cucumber sorbet, a vine leaf cigar and dukkah, it set the stage to release the flavours of a Mojito cocktail in the mouth. The black pepper Pure Jungle Essence® extract was used as a spin on beef fillet au gratin with mushrooms, mature cheddar custard and French toast for a reinterpretation of French rarebit. Dessert was prepared with white chocolate and goji berries to bring forth the zing of ginger.
Sophisticated, passionate and inspired in every way – from MANE’s fragrant ingredients to Cube’s cuisine – the evening was a remarkable event that created unique organoleptic experiences.
Source: Mrs Hyslop Gill