B2 F Eco System Session Content Image

At MANE, we are committed to driving progress and shaping the future of protein transition. As a leading player in this dynamic ecosystem, we understand the importance of nurturing entrepreneurial talent and fostering a culture of innovation.

In line with this vision, we are proud to announce our partnership with Bridge2Food as the exclusive sponsor of the EcoSystem Session startup pitch competition. The EcoSystem Session is a competition between start-ups of the industry that showcase their innovations in the plant-based sector to a panel of experts and investors. This prestigious competition, scheduled on 11 June 2024 as an online event, will feature a curated selection of 12 promising startups, each vying for the opportunity to secure funding, gain invaluable exposure, and access mentorship opportunities.

Six startups will present their pitches in the morning for Asia/Europe and six will pitch in the afternoon for Europe/Americas. The attendees will be the judges of the competition. They will choose one winner from each session through a real-time voting poll.

The EcoSystem Session is more than just a pitch competition, it is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels progress and propels industries forward. Beyond the pitch competition, attendees can look forward to an immersive experience with thought-provoking panel discussions, networking opportunities, and the chance to engage with industry leaders, gain insights, and explore collaborations.

At MANE, we firmly believe that fostering a culture of innovation and empowering visionary thinkers is the key to unlocking unprecedented growth opportunities and catalysing transformative change within our industry. By actively nurturing cutting-edge ideas and providing a fertile ground for brilliant minds to flourish, we can push the boundaries of what is possible and pave the way for groundbreaking solutions that redefine the future of sustainable feeding.

Join us as we blaze a trail towards an era where creativity and ingenuity know no limits. Together, let's harness the collective power of visionary minds, unlock the untapped potential within our industry, and leave an indelible mark that resonates across generations. Let these game-changing innovations become the driving force to help us make a better future.

For more information including registration details please visit: https://share-eu1.hsforms.com/1mHwUBnoDTp-F-XcJMzA5Agfnkkg or https://bit.ly/3KoEMsc