MANE takes majority stake in KANCOR

We are pleased to announce that we have taken a majority stake in KANCOR, a major food and beverage ingredients provider in India and long-term supplier of MANE.

KANCOR Ingredients Limited is one of India’s most prominent extractors, manufacturers and sellers of innovative natural food colours, ingredients, essentials oils, spice oils and mint-derived products, including menthol, which has been owned and run by the Mariwala family since 1857.

The partnership creates a unique high-technology hub for high-quality food & beverage ingredients globally.

“I am pleased to be taking a majority stake in KANCOR, a long-term supplier. This is in line with our strategy of controlling the sourcing of our natural raw materials,” said Jean M. MANE, President and CEO of MANE.

Increased control of the sourcing of spices and mint ingredients will further secure their quality and traceability as well as foster the development of new and innovative ingredients.

KANCOR and MANE stand for a long-term partnership that will ally the technology, standards and market access of one of the world’s leading fragrance and flavours houses with the high quality ingredients supply of one of India’s most prominent ingredients suppliers.

“This new page of history for KANCOR is a significant step towards the strengthening of our customers products and building a unique high quality ingredients platform to cater to the global food & beverage industry,” said Sanjaya MARIWALA, Managing Director of KANCOR Ingredients Limited.