MANE takes part in an artistic project in Mexico

As part of the esthetical-pedagogical programme Sincrónico, sponsored by Fundación Alumnos 47, the artistic project ATLAS embraces Carolina Castañeda’s work: an olfactory walk inspired by the universe of the great architect Luis Barragán.

“We all have inside of us images and secret sensations that come from Paradise. Intimate moments from the past that are hidden somewhere inside our memory. Our aim is to try to bring up these memories and reveal them with different fragrances. Jorge Luis Borges says: “there is not a day during which, we are not, for a moment, in Paradise” and this olfactory walk has the purpose to explore this saying”, says Carolina Castañeda.

MANE’s perfumer Lisa Montes has created eleven perfumes to illustrate themes dear to Luis Barragán for the olfactory walk, they are applied inside columns of concrete in the garden of Casa Estudio Luis Barragán in Mexico.

Visitors will first smell familiar odours recalling childhood with a “Playdoh” modeling clay odour and “Mazapán” (a typical Mexican sweet); then, they will approach the “Savage Nature” fragrances, particularly a “Horse” smell, one of the principal inspiration of Barragán.

The walk ends with more abstract themes such as “Meditation” or “Cocoa and pink salt”, which explores the idea of Mexican pink color and volcanic stone.

This exposition will end on January 14th, let yourself be guided by your emotions!

Photo credit: © Francisco Flores