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The 2019 FoodNext Africa Event took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 24-25 June.
FoodNext Africa rallies start-ups, innovators, food technology and/or ingredient companies, investors, retailers, universities and partners who are redefining the food and beverage industry in South Africa.  
The FoodNext Africa Conference provides meaningful insights into embracing disruption and meeting the rapidly changing needs of consumers. 

Lisa Ronquest-Ross, R&D Executive Flavours – South & East Africa represented MANE as a panellist on the topic of ‘Meeting consumer demand for alternative proteins – what does a ‘100% plant’ based future hold?’.     
Lisa Ronquest-Ross shared some insights from the latest consumer research study on meat and meat alternatives with low-income groups in South Africa. She also explained how technologies such as masking flavours can support the development of tastier products made from alternative proteins as well as the research programme MANE is conducting in the area of the protein transition in terms of the sensory description of off flavours as well as the molecular interactions of proteins and flavours. 
The nutritional content regarding vitamins and minerals of meat analogs was explored especially in light of South African experiencing ‘hidden hunger’ (micronutrient deficiencies).   

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