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Nowadays, exploring the world is easily done by visiting your local shop. Many food producers are using different global cuisine styles in marinated meat, snacks, ready meals and other foods.
To understand and meet consumers’ expectations, MANE has conducted online consumer research to find out which types of savoury cuisine are the most appealing and which of these have the biggest growth potential. More than 2500 respondents aged 18-69 years old were surveyed online in France, Germany, the UK and Russia which was possible due to MANE’s internal online research tool - M2P (MANE’s Proprietary Panel). This reliable and reactive market research tool enables MANE to conduct studies on consumer behaviour, attitudes, perceptions and preferences.

Across the four countries involved in the research, consumers identified Italian cuisine as the most popular. Respondents also liked Chinese, Japanese and Indian cuisines, however, there were differences in preference depending on the country. For Asian cuisine, “Peking Duck” was chosen as the most appealing dish by all countries except France, where “Nems” was the most popular.
In addition, when consumers were asked which cuisine they would like to try, all four countries were most curious about Scandinavian food. Revealing the most popular cuisines as well as those that are emerging, provides potential areas of growth in the coming years, making this research valuable for both MANE and its customers.
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