MANE is proud to join for the first year the Hello Handicap forum from 27th to 30th October.
Created in 2011 by Handicap.fr, the Hello Handicap forum is the main national and 100% digital event dedicated to direct employment of workers with disabilities.
For 10 years, two times a year, thousands of recruiters conduct interviews by phone calls or by chat with pre-selected candidates with disabilities in France.
Every edition of the Hello Handicap brings together between 80 and 100 companies and 30.000 candidates (60% of whom have a second-year university level and more). At the end of the event, more than 2000 recruitments are undertaken.

For many years, MANE has committed to a policy to support people with disabilities through employment in France.
One of the major aspects of this commitment is to implement actions necessary for integration by, where necessary, adapting workstations in the company in order to create conditions that enable people with disabilities to remain in employment.

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