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MANE won 2 FIFI Awards

On May 5th, the Fragrance Foundation of France gave out ten awards at the Parfums 2011 Ceremony.
Among the winners are two Mane creations:
- The Perfumer’s Prize for Womanity, Thierry Mugler
- The Specialist’s Prize for Like This, Tilda Swinton, État Libre D’Orange
To see the video of the ceremony, click here.

WOMANITY by Thierry Mugler won the “Perfumers’ Prize” at the Ceremony “LES PARFUMS 2011”

At the French Fifi Ceremony, held in Paris on May 5th, Thierry Mugler’s Womanity, a daring sweet and savoury fragrance designed by MANE, won the prestigious perfumers’ prize, rewarding the most creative and original fragrance launched on the market in 2010.
The fragrance introduces a rhythmic play between fig and caviar accords to illustrate the sweet and savoury duality while a touch of fig wood in the base notes adds an opulent green quality to the scent.
Through the use of a new molecular extraction technology developed by MANE, the exact aroma of the milky, pulpy, fleshy fig fruit was reconstituted so that, unlike previous fig leaves based fragrances, Womanity incorporates the actual fruit as a raw material.

LIKE THIS, TILDA SWINTON by État Libre d’Orange won the “Specialists’ Prize”, at the Ceremony “LES PARFUMS 2011”

Like This, Tilda Swinton was awarded the Specialists’ Prize by a jury of bloggers, editors of Beauty and evaluators of Fragrance houses. Inspired by Tilda’s vision to life, designed by Mathilde Bijaoui, perfumer at MANE,” Like this” is a spicy gourmand fragrance, built on immortelle flower, with ginger, pumpkin and mandarin facets. It is a rich and complex formula that contains some of MANE’s most precious ingredients such as absolutes of immortelle and rose de mai, essences of yellow mandarin from Italy and néroli from Morocco, cis-iso ambrettolide captive musk and ginger PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™.