Mane  Tokyo2020

At MANE, we have observed that among the “ethnic” tonalities, Asian tonalities are the ones generating most launches across Europe in all savoury segments for years*. 
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics thus represents a great opportunity to launch limited editions to celebrate this worldwide event and propose exclusive tastes inspired from the region to end-consumers.  With its full range of Asian marinades, MANE is a partner of choice to help you in constructing a seasonal range to celebrate the Japanese Olympic Games. These marinades have been developed for meat products but are also suitable for a large range of Savoury applications including vegetables, pasta, rice and cheese.

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* Source: Innova database, Western & Eastern Europe on “Meat, Fish & Eggs”, “Ready meals”, “Sauces & Seasonings” and “Snacks” categories with Ethnic tonalities

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