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MANE’s olfactory incursion into the world of Indian textiles

MANE participated in the grand event “From Fibre to Fashion” to celebrate the introduction of Ramie in India, at the residence of France’s ambassador to India, Alexandre Ziegler, on February 22nd, 2018.

The French government, under the aegis of Bonjour India, collaborated with the Government of Meghalaya and Hemant Sagar to realise this project with 17 other fashion designers from around the country, to celebrate the Indo-French partnership.

On this unique occasion, MANE paid homage to this exquisite craftsmanship with two fragrances to illustrate the fabric theme. Inspired by Ramie’s silky, lustrous texture MANE interpreted Ramie as a strong masculine character with earthy undertones.

The Ramie fragrance was an infusion of Oriental-Woody aroma with warm spicy cedar woods and a hint of oud, with two modern interpretations; a sensuous scent perfect for the evening- Ramie Dusk and Ramie Dawn; a radiant all day fragrance.

MANE India Fragrance team also presented fragrance interpretations for other Indian ethnic fabrics, such as Linen, Jute, Cotton, Silk, Bamboo, and Wool.