Mathilde Bijaoui, Perfumer, Interviewed at BFM Radio

Mathilde Bijaoui was interviewed during a Radio Show called ‘Goûts de Luxe’ (Expensive Tastes) on the French radio BFM.
The conversation is available above and here below you find a sum up of this interview.

BFM: "How a young perfumer tries to renew Perfumery?"
MB: “All perfumers participate to renew perfumery. But first and foremost technology and new ingredients at our disposal make such a challenge possible.
My luck at MANE is to have an important team of researchers constantly developing new molecules and finalizing new extraction techniques.
Thanks to their extraction technique called Jungle Essence we ‘perfumers at MANE’, were able to create a new olfactory family, the sweet / savory family.
The Jungle Essence technology allowed us to extract scents never extracted before: fig and caviar. Jungle Essence offers new possibilities, new scents, using ingredients non extractable through conventional methods. (nuts, coconut…)
The Jungle Essence process produces a natural extract. This extract can be directly used in perfumed or flavoured compositions."

BFM: “What are your latest creations?”
MB: “Like this, Tilda Swinton (Etat Libre d’Orange), that I created with the artist who wanted something very special. Tilda Swinton put a lot into this project; she helped me to understand her universe.
This fragrance begins with a ginger top note, then we smell immortal flower, to finish with a ‘candied pumpkin’ accord. The orange color inspired me to create this perfume.
Moreover, this fragrance won the “Specialists Prize” at the last Fifi Awards.
The second creation is Womanity, which I created with a lot of perfumers at MANE. It is the sweet / savory creation I talked about earlier on."