Middle East Fragrance Summit

Sponsored by MANE and organised by Fragrance Foundation Arabia, the first Fragrances Summit in the Middle East took place in Dubai from Sep 26th to Sep 27th.

FFA has created this summit as one of its most important, value add initiatives to become an annual event on the calendar of the regional industry with new topics each year. This year’s focus was “Bridging Innovation”. The idea behind this topic is how international fragrances are tilting towards oriental notes and trends and how Arabic and oriental fragrances are embracing international fragrances in terms of packaging, marketing in their own French line of fragrances under oriental brands.

All the main customers and fragrances suppliers of the Middle East area were present.

Fragrance Foundation Arabia, was established back in 2008 in Dubai, as a branch of International Fragrance Foundation and has more than 20 active members comprising regional and international industry leaders.