Evento Mane 142

New Creative Centre in Brazil

MANE organized on July 28th an unusual and innovative event to celebrate the inauguration of its new Creative Centre in São Paulo, Brazil.

Customers were invited to visit our new offices, fully equipped creation and application laboratories (five labs for the different flavour categories, one for fragrances) as well as sensory analysis cabins accompanied by our team of professionals who guided them through a tour of both the Flavours and Fragrances fittings which cover an overall area of 1500m².

The celebration took place in the reception area of the business park where the R&D centre is located. Customers and guests were welcomed with a ballet performance, sweet snacks and drinks prepared in a molecular cuisine style to deliver intriguing sensory experiences.

The internal salon offered a delightful view to the outside wooded area at night, enticing guests with a menu designed around MANE flavours. Drinks inspired by some of MANE’s major fine fragrance wins were perfectly developed by our Flavourists and Application teams, and carefully blended on demand by a team of creative mixologists who also created a customized cocktail for the event by combining passion fruit with Brazilian pepper (pimenta dedo de moça), topped it off with Vanilla foam signed with MANE’s signature “M”.

A Fragrance Bar, where our visitors could create their own fragrance based on their lifestyle and guided by the expertise of Perfumers and Evaluators also attracted the attention of all.

The visual, olfactive and gustative experiences were completed by a musical duo between a classical violinist and a DJ.

The celebration, which was designed as an ode to creativity, carrying both references to the French heritage of the company skilfully married with hints of Brazilian spirit and identity to create the Blend Bouquet concept, ended with a musical duo between a classical violinist and a DJ, which completed the visual, olfactive and gustative experiences of the evening.