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Digitalisation is one of the main challenges that the world is currently facing.
Here at MANE, we intend to welcome the future with open arms in a holistic way. We use Artificial Intelligence in all our initiatives, always with one goal in mind: to deliver greater value and a greener impact for our customers.
We go beyond ingredient upcycling, we now upcycle the data that we had not optimised until now. In this way, our data gives us a deeper understanding of our palette of raw materials, our consumer tests and our manufacturing processes.
Today, each fragrance developed by our creative teams feeds into our data system and is part of our future success. To achieve this digitalisation, we have set up two strategic pillars: know better and make better.

Know Better

We have created an interactive and user-friendly platform that gives our consumer research data and social media listening a new scope. Our experts can easily and visually identify correlations that reflect consumer behaviours and preferences. Alongside the creativity of our experts, this is a priceless asset for developing our winning fragrances of the future, which are inspired by our latest discoveries in the main challenges our customers face, such as blooming or liking. As such, AI functions as a continuation of our art, bringing fragrance design into the 21st century with a completely new level of performance.

Make Better

By cross-referencing data linked to our raw materials and their environmental impact, we optimise our formulas. Thanks to AI, our perfumers are guided to select the greenest raw materials, contributing to MANE’s sustainability strategy and those of our customers.
Our experts also capitalise on the power of our AI tools and the research of our scientists to improve the performance of MANE’s creations. Both long-lastingness and blooming, two of the key drivers of liking, can be enhanced by combining expertise from our AI and creative teams.
With ongoing technological advances and new innovative applications of these technologies, perfumers are now able to create unique digital fragrances for a greener and high-performance future.