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Are you looking for the perfect air freshener for your car?

Car air fresheners give your vehicle a clean and fresh scent, which contribute to a pleasant and relaxing driving experience. They’re also a welcome decorative addition for the car interior. However, not all types of car fresheners are suited to the high temperatures that can occur in your car. Additionally, the scent is usually much stronger (and even overwhelming!) during the first few days, which is a notable drawback with traditional paper air fresheners.

That’s why MANE invented POWERBREEZE™, a gel technology that diffuses a wide range of fragrances that has been specifically developed for small environments such as cars and bathrooms. POWERBREEZE™ gel technology allows the fragrance to be distributed evenly and consistently for up to 6 weeks at a perfume dosage of 10-40%.

These gels are perfect for in-car use due to their resistance to high temperatures up to 60°.
POWERBREEZE™ gels can be made into any shape to adapt to any creative design.

Last but not least, the gelling reaction takes place at room temperature, which saves energy during the manufacturing process.