Aquafine Spray Content Image

Unlike home fragrance diffusers that continuously emit a scent, room sprays provide a burst of fragrance instantly. This means you can change the scent of your home to fit your mood or the occasion in a flash and re-spray several times a day for a boost of perfume in the house.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are odorous molecules found in ambient products. Using low-VOC products can help improve air quality and minimise environmental impact, which are two important benefits. Regulations are increasingly strict in relation to VOCs.

That's why MANE has created a variant of AQUAFINE™ specifically for use as an alcohol-free and low-VOC home fragrance. AQUAFINE™ is a water-based microemulsion that is highly fragranced, transparent, and biodegradable.

Formulated with 100% readily biodegradable ingredients and through a low energy and low-carbon manufacturing process, AQUAFINE™ scores 85/100 in our GREEN MOTION™ tool, demonstrating its good overall profile with regard to environmental criteria.