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There is nothing quite like healthy, nourished and dandruff-free hair. At MANE we have developed a unique antidandruff solution that uses synergistic effects of different botanical extracts including an upcycled ingredient. So, while you take care of your hair, you help us to take care of the planet.

Proven efficiency in-vitro and in-vivo

The 3 natural actives decrease significantly the number of surviving Malassezia furfur at low dosage.
Dandruff are visibly and significantly reduced (-34%) for 81% of the panel.

Safe for the scalp

PURAKAN™ ensures high cutaneous tolerance with no itchiness after 28 days of single daily use.

Safe for the planet

We are proud to offer a 100% natural solution that combines 2 essential oils and 1 upcycled fruit peel extract.

Augmented experience

As performance is also triggered by scents and feelings, we have paired our PURAKAN™ actives with outstanding fragrances and refreshing essential oils.