Giorgio Armani

Sì by Armani, the Best Fragrance of the Year!

We are proud to share that on May 14th 2014, in Milano, a MANE creation received main prizes at the Academia del Profumo Ceremony.

Sì - Armani won the “Miglior Profumo dell’Anno” (Best Fragrance of the year) and the “Miglior Creazione Olfattiva” (Best Olfactive Creation) prizes.

Sì is a reinvented chypre and is built around three distinct accords: cassis nectar (Cassis Neo Nat Jungle Essence™), chypre and a light, musky wood. Other key notes include vanilla, rose de mai, freesia, a dash of patchouli and two of MANE’s trademarked ingredients, Vanilla Pure Jungle Essence™ and intense Orcanox™.

During the ceremony, Intense - Dolce Gabbana, another MANE creation, won the “Miglior Comunicazione” (Best Communication) award.