What makes the MANE pistachio paste so exceptional? 
Only the highest quality ingredients are selected in order to create the MANE pistachio paste. Indeed, the origin of the raw materials has been carefully monitored by MANE for 50 years. The pistachios mostly come from California (48%) and comply with the highest sustainability and safety standards ensuring the continuity of taste and quality over the decades.
Once the pistachios are delivered in our workshops in the South of France, they are roasted and ground according to traditional methods. Finally, MANE’s flavourists bring their final signature to the inescapable paste with a natural flavouring top note ensuring that the same fantastic flavour profile remains untouched after 50 years of loyal service to bakers and pâtissiers.
The MANE Pistachio Paste is a great base for ganaches, homemade pralines, bonbon fillings, patisserie crèmes, ice creams and sauces. Its sweet intense taste guarantees a fantastic mouthful experience. The bright green is what makes the creations and assortments so appealing to clients.