MANE has been developing its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy for several years now, to find balance between economic growth, respect for people and environmental protection.
As an ISO 14001 certified company, waste management is one of our numerous commitments to reduce our environmental impact. While our main objective is to minimise the waste we generate, we have also worked for many years on upcycling routes.

First by using our own waste, such as by-products or exhausted raw materials.
A good example is our VANILLA OIL PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ that unveils a delightful vanilla bean note with delicate smoky accords. Made from a co-product of our VANILLA BOURBON PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, this upcycled ingredient completes our extensive vanilla range with an original profile. Used in flavours, it adds interesting phenolic and balsamic notes in chocolate, dairy and confectionery applications. In fragrances, it brings a very gourmand, natural vanilla bean scent with woody facets.

We also work on other industries’ waste valorisation to propose added-value extracts.
The Key Lime supply chain is a good illustration. Key Lime Essential Oil is a by-product from the juice industry that processes several hundred thousand tons of fruits every year. Thanks to our purification expertise, we valorise this essential oil collected during the juicing process to respond to the fragrance and flavour specifications. Our KEY LIME ESSENTIAL OIL COLD PRESSED is available in a terpene-less version, ideal to use in beverages, with a clean, sparkling, fresh key lime profile. Used in fragrance compositions, our KEY LIME ESSENTIAL OIL FUROCOUMARIN-REDUCED brings a very fresh top note, with juicy, sparkling, green facets.

Finally, new aromatics were born from the extraction of green waste.
This is the case for our CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OIL. After processing the cypress branches from the Mane family’s properties for many years, we have now partnered with local gardeners to ensure constant quality and volume of this precious upcycled resource. Thanks to our historical distillation know-how, we add a vibrant woody terpenic note to the perfumer’s palette. Giving a fresh clean effect to compositions with an interesting sap scent, our CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OIL splendidly complements woody, chypre and ambery fragrances.

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