At MANE, we colour perfumers’ palette! 
We were delighted to introduce our latest natural extracts and specialties at the International Exhibition of Raw Materials for Perfumery, SIMPPAR, on June 5th and 6th in Paris.
Major actor in naturals, MANE presented six extracts:
Geranium Bourbon, an essential oil from a sustainable sourcing in Madagascar with a very fresh rosy note and a surprising lychee facet;
Four Corners alcoholic resinoid, a new botanical in perfumery with gourmand, balsamic accords;
and Sweet Clover infusion, a forgotten wild plant with sweet, herbal, coumarine notes.
MANE also showcased its expertise in supercritical extraction technology with three Pure Jungle Essence™ ingredients:
Forest Pepper, Timur Pepper, and Eucalyptus. This extraction method reinvents the olfactive notes of Nature and reveals ingredients of outstanding quality.
To complement naturals, MANE presented two specialties created with a selection of captive molecules:
Bigaflower, with a high level of Bigarane™, delivers a delightful natural Neroli scent with very limited allergen content and high performance rendering.
Driftwood, designed around Ambramone™, reveals an ambery woody note with salty and marine facets.
Finally, visitors could discover Havanawood, a natural specialty obtained by co-distillation with a woody, dry, tobacco leaves scent, and Vinyl Gaiacol, a natural molecule obtained by biotechnology with a warm, clove-like, vanilla note. Thank you for embarking with us on this colourful journey. For more information, we invite you to visit our Ingredient page.