The fruit of hard work, ancestral “savoir-faire”, original cultivar and specific “terroirs”; we tend to forget all the magic hidden within perfumery’s ingredients. They are natural, alive and complex. Reacting to the environment, manipulations, care, they develop specific notes. Many essences are complex defense systems developed by the plant, their specificities need to be understood and tamed. It’s an art and a science. Like wine makers, who select the best grapes and know the right harvest period for perfect sweetness and aromas, farmers possess the traditional expertise of their trade.
To enrich creators’ palettes, MANE will be presenting six natural extracts from specific terroirs. The journey begins in Indonesia with an earthy scent, carries on within Nepal’s epic mountains, takes you to enjoy a break during a tea ceremony in Sri Lanka, pursues its route among tropical roots and fragrant leaves and finally returns to the fields of French flowers where MANE originated...

Visit us to discover our special GRANDS CRUS on June 14-15th, 2017 at the International Exhibition of Raw Materials For Perfumery taking place at the Espace Champerret, PARIS.