Visit MANE at the WPC in Miami

MANE invites you to discover « GIVING SOUL TO SCENTS » at the 2016 World Perfumery Congress which will take place in MIAMI from June 13 to 15th.

Communities collecting fragrant ingredients, chemists looking for new reactions, perfumers creating emotions are all working to give soul to scents. Embark on a journey to discover exotic notes emerging from conscious sourcing partnerships, Grasse iconic ingredients refreshed by technology and new citrus ingredients responding to regulatory and labeling constraints, through creative and innovative fragrance applications.

Those new scents will surely touch your soul and become essential to your creativity.

We also invite you to discover GREEN MOTION™, an electronic tool developed to assess ingredients or fragrance compounds’ environmental impact according to the Twelve principles of Green Chemistry.

Memorable ingredients, technologies and tools to nourish the fragrance soul.

Discover one of our consciously sourced ingredients in the above video.

Find out more on the Designing and Assessing Green Fragrances workshop during which Tony Phan, process & project engineer at MANE said that “Green Motion® steps define a way to always improve ourselves.” Read the article of Rachel Grabenhofer published on Perfumer & Flavorist’s website