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Since both consumers' expectations and techniques are moving at an unprecedented pace, our Artificial Intelligence team’s ambition is to decipher the challenges of modern perfumery in order to improve the performance of our creations and processes. Through our cutting-edge techniques and innovative skills, we unleash the potential of our data with tailor-made solutions for our customers. Beyond the algorithms, we develop our own tools, and place our customers and the MANE Community at the heart of all our AI initiatives.

We create people-centred AI

At MANE, we are constantly incorporating Artificial Intelligence into new creative processes, placing human interaction at the core of all our initiatives. We cultivate and implement new ways of collaborating based on user experience, design and new working methodologies. Since data fuels our AI tools, we make sure that the experts using the AI are part of the processes from the outset in order to serve our customers better, as all our initiatives are oriented towards creating greater value for our customers.

We create smart AI

We see R&D and prototyping as key success factors when we develop our latest AI techniques. We believe innovation does not have to mean complexity, and we make a point of ensuring that our algorithms are perfectly understandable for our users within the Group and beyond.

We create shared AI

Contributing to the digitalisation of the MANE Group, we set up Motion Lab, a dedicated team of experts who develop and share our tools with the largest possible audience. Since we care about how AI affects how MANE teams’ operate, we provide support to help them adapt and update our tools so that users’ needs are always covered with the latest innovations.

Passion is our best algorithm, helping MANE to make better and know better.