Perfumery School

Nurturing future talents

At MANE, we select and nurture the best talents.

Creators of scents and emotions, Perfumers are the artists of MANE’s Consumer Goods and Fine Fragrances divisions.
MANE looks for creative, spontaneous, charismatic and passionate people.

Apprentices are trained at the MANE School of Perfumery for a minimum of two years, following a thorough customised programme that has been perfected over the last 25 years.

This programme puts emphasis on endowing the trainees with an extended knowledge of natural products, chemistry of perfumery and cosmetic ingredients, innovation, regulatory, sensory analysis, consumer preferences and science of olfaction, as well as encouraging the development of their unique creative talent.

Junior Perfumers complete the training “on the job”, under the mentorship of a Senior Perfumer, and complement the knowledge acquired at the headquarters with enriching experiences in different creative centres around the world.