Capturing the essence of nature

With our 145 year-old experience in the production of natural ingredients, we continuously strive for excellence, connecting our local & artisanal know-how with our global scientific breakthroughs allowing beautiful and greener creations to emerge.

Our extraction processes take you to the heart of Nature: from traditional extractions to biotechnologically obtained molecules, all the way through Jungle EssenceTM extracts. This unique portfolio is an open door to the formulation of technically performing yet always sophisticated compounds.

Our commitment to naturals and our strong will to reduce our impact on the environment has brought us to comply with the most demanding certifications and guidelines*, helping you, our clients & partners, to formulate cleaner, to live better.
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ECOCERT, United Nations Global Compact.

Flavour and Fragrance Ingredients Compendium