The first tool to evaluate the environmental impact of fragrances and flavours

One score measures all!

GREEN MOTION™ measures the safety and environmental impact of fragrance and flavour ingredients on a scale of 0 to 100. The higher the score, the greener the product and the less impact it has on the environment.
GREEN MOTION™ applies to natural extracts, synthetic ingredients, biotechnology molecules and even finished products. It provides a global score that is easy to compare on the environmental impact of each product.

Based on the principles of Green Chemistry

GREEN MOTION™ is an adaptation of the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry as they pertain to quantifiable data.
These 12 principles, defined in 1998, are still globally recognised and widely used today across a wide variety of industries to maximise manufacturing efficiency.
The Journal of Green Chemistry published an article on GREEN MOTION™ in 2015, recognising the reliability and the relevance of the tool.

Eco-designed products

GREEN MOTION™ is fully integrated into our development software. Our perfumers and flavourists can check the GREEN MOTION™ rating of each ingredient they add to their formula and keep tabs on the final score.
GREEN MOTION™ is a simple yet robust tool to develop greener products for our customers and support eco-designed claims.

Designed by MANE, available to all

At MANE, we believe good ideas are worth sharing. We make GREEN MOTION™ available to all in order to help our customers design greener, safer, and more responsible products for tomorrow’s eco-conscious consumers.