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Vision and values

Our independence allows us to make bold choices, to venture along new paths… It is the source of our entrepreneurial spirit, the catalyst that offers us the freedom to think outside the box.

This makes us unique.

As such, we strive to be a partner unlike any other, committed to doing more, and accomplishing it in an unprecedented way. In an ever-changing world, we firmly stand for what we believe in.

From a family adventure to an
international group


Our certifications

We believe in developing products that not only exceed our customers’ expectations, but also improve living and environmental conditions around the world. MANE complies with the most demanding certifications and guidelines, and continuously works to promote the U.N.’s actions cultivating business, labour, human rights and environmental ethics.

We are pioneers in defending an ethical approach to business. We are militants who protect our present and future environment. In order to fulfil our customers’ desires and anticipate their needs, MANE is fully committed to product quality and safety.

Consumers health and safety

As composers of gustative and olfactory creations, the quality and safety of our products is, and always will be, our utmost priority. We are honoured by the trust that our customers place in us and our products, and are mindful of the degree of responsibility that this entails. As such, we have implemented countless initiatives to ensure quality and safety, spanning across our entire manufacturing processes, from the selection of raw ingredients to the packaging of our final products.

Our suppliers are equally subject to our exacting standards. Our highly vigilant controls throughout the purchasing and audit processes allow us to guarantee the safety and high quality of the raw materials sourced. Product and process audits are carried out at the suppliers’ premises, in order to ensure they meet the MANE Group’s quality and safety requirements, as well as to identify possible areas for improvement.

At the onset of each new product’s development, we assess the potential toxicological risks they may pose. The development of all new research projects is subject to a rigorous safety assessment process, and production is conditional on the acceptance of a scientific committee made up of various stakeholders. In addition, raw materials used to manufacture products must meet strict specifications outlined by the Group's Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs Department.

Who We Are

REACH regulation

Our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment has guided us in not only complying with, but also actively promoting, regulations that foster sustainable manufacturing.

One significant instance of this is REACH, established by the E.U. in 2007 to improve human health and the environment through more vigilant regulation of chemical substances. By placing greater responsibility in the hands of manufacturers and importers to understand and manage potential risks associated with their products, REACH strives to limit or prohibit the use of toxic substances and ensure consumer safety.

Since REACH’s inception, MANE has worked hand in hand with industry leaders to prepare for, as well as implement, the technical and regulatory requirements that this legislation entails. To further evidence the company’s unyielding commitment to this environmental and health-related initiative, a multidisciplinary REACH committee has been established within MANE, comprised of our Purchasing department, safety engineer, chemical process manager and toxicologist, as well as our Regulatory department. Together, they work to promote ecological and health standards throughout the entirety of our supply chain.

Reach Regulation

Our ethics

The MANE’s Code of Ethics is our framework. It was designed to guide us in our decisions and actions. All collaborators must adopt the principles outlined in this guide and use them to benefit the Group and its partners.
The present Code of Ethics is an essential element of our shared success. It is the basis on which we have built our approach to Sustainable Development whilst guaranteeing our integrity and thus inspiring trust in those around us.

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