Cultivating sustainability for generations to come

Luscious landscapes, rich in remarkable plants whose aromas infuse our creations… Countless communities across the globe, working hand-in-hand to advance our quest to create fragrance and flavour solutions that enhance consumers’ everyday lives… For MANE, protecting these resources is essential to what we do and who we are.

CSR Report

Our CSR Report sets out the commitments, priorities, objectives and actions put in place by the MANE Group to factor in the social and environmental consequences of its activities and to fulfill its societal commitments to sustainable development.


At MANE, we are convinced that reducing the environmental impact of our activities and protecting the communities in which we do business are an integral part of our company’s performance and social acceptability.

Our strength also lies in having become a company with a global network while keeping our Provençal roots


We are convinced that the success of the MANE Group is built above all on the expertise of its employees. Employees are the Group's main source of wealth and enable it to be a major player in the flavour and fragrance industry.


Our activities are mainly linked to the purchasing of raw materials and packaging. The quality of MANE’s relationships with its suppliers helps to sustain its supply chains in the long term.


At MANE, we believe growth is only sustainable if it is shared. Contributing to the local development of the areas in which the Group operates is a responsibility MANE takes very seriously.