Oral Care

The Oral Care Department, comprised of our dedicated marketing team and laboratories, is part of the Flavour Division. At the regulatory level, Oral Care follows cosmetics regulatory norms, yet formulation is managed by flavour experts. Therefore, it is considered part of Fragrances and Flavours.

MANE’s N-CAPTURE™ platform encompasses specific encapsulation technologies for oral care, offering significant Release and Visual benefits.

Focus on Mint

Mint is the core tonality for this segment. Aside from taste, the sensation of freshness and the sense of having pure breath are the predominant attributes in toothpastes and other oral care products. Regardless of country, these two key criteria are always requested. Under the SENSE CAPTURE™ FEEL platform, MANE provides diverse solutions to address the Oral Care market’s sensorial challenges: cooling for extreme mouth freshness long-lasting, warming for comfort and care, and tingling for a sensorial flavour effect. MANE provides alternative solutions to cover off-notes or unwanted tastes present in product bases, such as bitterness, acidity, actives, etc., which is a recurrent customer need in today’s Oral Hygiene Industry. Oral Care is first and foremost, about hygiene, so naturally, consumers seek efficient products that clean their teeth and mouth. Simultaneously, however, the needs addressed are very similar to those in cosmetics. Therefore, a sense of pleasure plays a significant role in oral care, resulting in the need to integrate a creative product mix and poly-sensorial appeal in contemporary oral hygiene products.

Cool and refreshing, mint is a flavour which is appreciated the world over. MANE has a vast experience in creating added value mints for the oral care, pharmaceutical and confectionary industries. MANE’s expertise is based upon several pillars:


MANE has taken a majority stake in KANCOR, one of India’s most prominent extractors, manufacturers and sellers of natural food colours, ingredients, essential oils, mints and menthol. This partnership secures the sourcing of our mint products, providing increased control of quality and traceability. MANE’s relationship with KANCOR, situated in the largest mint production area in the world, provides the Group with complete control of mint production, from mint leaves to refined mint products. In addition to this strategic partnership, and in an effort to provide our flavourists with the most extensive raw material palette options and profiles, MANE’s purchasing experts select and negotiate the highest quality mint essential oils from a variety of regions around the world (US, China, Korea, and India), as well as botanical origins, all the while adapting to various cost constraints.

Added value technologies

Over the course of the past 60 years, MANE has developed world-class technologies for the treatment of crude mint essential oils (Crystallisation, Rectification, Terpenless, Fractionation). The result is that MANE is able to reconstitute essential oils, as well as maintain complete control over their profile and cost.

Mint is freshness, cool and long-lasting.

While generally menthol is used to increase the sense of freshness, should the dosage be excessive, bitterness and burning sensations can be experienced. Under the SENSE CAPTURE™ FEEL Cooling Platform, MANE has designed complete flavour cooling solutions which provide a variety of freshness levels, impact, and extended duration, while preserving the authenticity and integrity of the flavour profiles. These flavour solutions are obtained by combining proprietary molecules or compounds with MANE flavours. They are available in natural or synthetic status.


In a continual quest to create the best possible flavours at a global level, MANE consistently analyses market products and trends. Each year, our mint expert panels evaluate hundreds of mint-flavoured products from all over the world. Sensory evaluation charts oral care, chewing gum and sugar confectionary products, as well as providing strategic input for flavour creation, resulting in market-winning mints that meet and satisfy local market preferences.