Enabling perfumes to express themselves

Our international perfumers conceive fragrances that embody MANE’s two key pillars: Technology and Creativity.

Our Fine Fragrances Creative Studios are based in Paris, São Paulo and New York. It is within these studios that MANE has created some of the most prestigious fine fragrances on the market, leading the way to new olfactive territories.

Exceptional ingredients, outstanding technology, and targeted consumer insight nurture the imagination and emotions of our fragrance creators. These feed their inspiration and lead them to design visionary perfumes, meant to become tomorrow’s classics. Merging their individual personalities and artistic vision, our perfumers come together to unleash boundless creativity.

The collaborative work of our R&D teams strives to enrich the perfumers’ palettes via breakthrough technologies and advanced research. Their discoveries are then translated into unique, synthetic molecules and natural, raw materials.

Evaluation teams guide them with their olfactive expertise.
Marketing teams stimulate them with insights into trends and business analysis.
By weaving together technology and creativity, innovation ensues.
From innovation comes the will to grasp what changes, what thrills, what touches consumers. AT MANE, “WE CAPTURE WHAT MOVES”.

Our perfumers

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