Consumer Insight

Singularity is the rarest essence

Fragrance preferences are deeply influenced by our culture and individual experiences. Understanding consumer preferences, as well as uncovering their unfulfilled needs and desires, are essential to our success. MANE optimises sensory and consumer insight to support our customers in their quest to consistently innovate and design successful products. Exceptional ingredients, outstanding technology, and targeted consumer insight are hallmarks of our creations. They nourish our teams’ creativity and inspire them to design visionary perfumes, meant to become tomorrow’s classics.

We place consumers at the heart of our business and fragrance development strategies.


Customer focus

Customer focus is nourished by our Consumer-centric approach, which is sustained by 2 pillars:

  • Providing development teams with knowledge on consumers by: measuring preferences among market products and creations to identify olfactive trends and opportunities, assessing how people cluster the market, developing mental and olfactive representation of a category segment, studying uses and habits to understand what drives a consumer’s choice and usage, as well as understanding expectations.
  • Creating a stronger, direct connection between development teams and end consumers through immersion. By allowing consumers to experience and be stimulated by our products in a real-life setting, we use ethnographic surveys and direct discussion with groups of consumers to identify fragrance magic moments, thereby defining the brand’s olfactive DNA.

From measurement to feelings
From figures to emotions
From virtual to real

Customer Focus