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MANE was founded in the region of Grasse, considered the world capital of perfumery, where the very first advanced extraction techniques were invented and perfected to capture the pure aromas of nature. The company has thus developed an unrivalled expertise in naturals, which is deeply rooted in its origins.

Today’s consumers crave naturalness more than ever before.



PURE CAPTURE™, MANE’s technology programme dedicated to naturals, addresses the sensorial, regulatory and economic challenges in the creation of natural flavours. MANE provides its flavourists with one of the most extensive palettes of natural proprietary compounds and molecules. This allows them the freedom to unleash their creativity, resulting in delectable natural flavours that are both high-performing and affordable, whilst adhering to the most demanding regulations.

Beyond traditional distillation and fractionation, MANE has pioneered many of the most advanced extraction technologies applied in the Flavour Industry to this day, ranging from biotechnology to highly critical, fluid extraction techniques (PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™ solutions). In addition to extraction technologies, MANE has also developed state-of-the-art transformation processes that enable us to concentrate, cook and dry flavour preparations, in order to replicate the true taste experience of traditional, authentic, homemade food that consumers and chefs crave.

The PURE CAPTURE™ technologies are applied to endless forms of raw materials deriving from all around the world: vanilla from Madagascar, pepper from India, mint from the United States, lemon from Sicily and more, delivering the finest aromatic ingredients for flavour creation.

Natural solutions

With PURE CAPTURE™, MANE offers a wide palette of natural solutions: high-performing natural flavourings, organic flavourings and an extensive range of aromatic ingredients MANE SOURCE™, providing natural taste coming straight from the food source, such as extracts, infusions, juices, concentrates, pastes from a large array of food sources (vanilla, coffee, tea, botanical, spices, nuts, vegetables...).

Raw material integration

In order to develop our unique flavour and olfactory solutions, we draw on hundreds of raw materials each year. The traceability of these elements, beginning at the source, is of utmost concern to MANE. As such, we have conceived specific sourcing programmes to guarantee that all standards are being met from a supply, economic, technical and traceability perspective. To strengthen our natural offering and ensure the quality and vigilance on which we have built our company, MANE has acquired organisations and secured partnerships with raw material experts around the world:

  • Vanilla: foundation of the FLORIBIS plantation in Madagascar to grow, purchase and prepare high quality bourbon vanilla beans under strict agronomical, analytical and sustainability standards.
  • Orchard fruits and citrus: creation of MANUFRI, a joint venture with NUFRI, the Spanish fruit grower and leader in transformation, in order to develop and manufacture flavour compounds and emulsions for beverages and fruit-based desserts.
  • Mint and spices: acquisition of KANCOR Ingredients Limited, one of India’s most prominent extractors, manufacturers and sellers of innovative natural food colours, ingredients, essential oils, spice oils, mints and menthol.
  • Stevia: consortium with Stevia Natura and Stevia Internacional Europe to develop and manufacture high performing stevia extracts while ensuring full traceability.
  • Vegetables: partnership with AGRIVAL, a prominent grower and transformer of vegetables located in Brittany, France, for the development of concentrated vegetable juices.
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The increased demand for natural ingredients results in social and environmental implications that must be properly managed. MANE is deeply committed to sustainability, and is thus highly sensitive to the challenges facing agricultural raw materials sourcing for the years to come. In order to meet market demand for natural resources in a sustainable way, MANE develops innovative approaches to create natural flavours, for instance, through use of in-house technologies such as biotechnology. MANE also provides organic and fair trade flavour solutions with all type of certifications. As firm believers in green chemistry, we have actively integrated these eco-conscious principles into our industry through the development of GREEN MOTION, the first assessment tool to measure the health, safety and environmental impacts of manufactured aromatic ingredients.

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