Blending creation
into industry

We transform our inspiration into creations through the use of state-of-the-art technologies.


With nature as our inspiration and foundation, we interpret its endless elements to define our vision of natural flavours and fragrances, using both biotechnologies and new synthetic molecules. The resulting gustative and olfactory creations enrich our palette of ingredients and provide MANE with its consistent competitive edge.


Since 1871, MANE has cultivated its expertise in natural extraction methods, chemical synthesis and purifications processes. It is a vocation passed on from one generation to the next, ensuring the continued passion and commitment to sourcing the best raw materials in order to create our flavour and fragrance compositions.


This revolutionary extraction technology provides an eco-friendly solution to produce extracts of exceptional quality and purity, maintaining the olfactive properties of the original raw materials.


MANE has reinvented the enfleurage process, using advanced technology, to catch the signature scent of Nature.

Green Motion™

At MANE, we believe in creating responsibly to help preserve the earth’s natural resources for generations to come. In 2011, we took a comprehensive approach by designing a tool that assesses the safety and environmental impact of our ingredients, flavours and fragrances.