Cooking techniques, known as the Culinary Arts, are the culmination of the selection, measurement, and combination of ingredients in a mastered procedure and effort, in order to achieve a desired result.

Similar to how a recipe is developed in a restaurant kitchen, MANE’s flavours are created in the same fashion. To begin, raw materials are selected and assessed using instrumental analysis such as GC-MS or HPLC to detect the presence of specific, taste-generating molecules. For reasons pertaining to cost, the combined flavour molecules must be as concentrated as possible. To do so, sophisticated processes must be used. Multiple extraction steps, biotechnology, controlled hydrolysation and Maillard-reactions are applied to liberate, generate and purify the various molecules at their highest possible yield. This is all completed on an industrial scale. Sensory science is then used to evaluate the resulting flavour and aroma molecules, and to understand how they interact.

The TREND CAPTURE™ platform was developed by MANE to determine which tendencies will become trends. The methodology behind this is based on three elements: observing, understanding, and creating. Markets are observed, food magazines analysed and developments in fine dining gastronomy followed. MANE Chefs, as well as the work generated through partnerships with external culinary chefs, culinary schools and institutes, enable us to develop innovative recipes and application concepts for the food industry. These can be tested in a lab and on a semi-industrial scale by our application specialists, in collaboration with our customers. Our Group stands apart as a Flavour Company, in part thanks to our long-standing expertise and focus on natural flavours and extracts. Given these solid foundations and foresight, MANE is well-prepared to adapt to forthcoming trends and requirements. This is particularly evidenced by the company’s initiatives, such as purchasing a majority stake in one of the spice extract branches of Kancor, in India.

Culinary Art

MANE’s roots lie in aromatic extraction


MANE Meat Centres of Excellence create customised functional and flavouring solutions for the meat and meat-analogue producing industries.

Our experienced, dedicated meat teams draw inspiration from MANE’s expertise and ceaseless innovation to create customised solutions for our clients. The resulting products allow companies in the meat Industries to successfully adapt to and overcome challenges such as clean labelling, health concerns, decline of meat consumption, etc.

Respecting the complete confidentiality of our clients, MANE’s Meat R&D department works on innovation, range extension as well as renovation projects, using semi-industrial equipment that allows us to produce prototypes similar to those manufactured under industrial conditions. Each of our meat solutions is manufactured using the most up-to-date technologies to increase responsiveness, and to allow for continuous improvement and customisation.

Our solutions include flavours, marinades, seasonings, functional blends, flavouring blends and complete blends. Each of our creations is tested in its final application, in order to ensure that our customers benefit from the highest quality result.

MANE Meat experts use a 360° approach in their work
, which allows them to address the functional aspects of an-end product (emulsification, water retention, binding, etc.), as well as its colour, preservation, nutritional properties and flavouring. They are experienced in the various types of meat applications, for both red and white meats, including:

  • Raw meat: burgers, sausages, meatballs, nuggets, whole meat pieces, etc.
  • Cooked Meat: cooked sausages, frankfurters, patés, mortadella, cooked ham, etc.
  • Dry Meat: dried ham, bacon, chorizo, salami, dried sausages, etc.
  • Vegetarian / Vegan products: ham, sausages, nuggets, burgers, ready-made meals…

Our Meat experts can also work directly on-site to provide assistance in production processes or in product adaptation.



MANE continuously studies evolving market trends and consumer expectations. Drawing on these findings, we use our in-house technologies to create unique, made-to-measure seasonings to be used in all forms of snacks, including potato chips, tortilla chips, extruded snacks, popcorn and more. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to develop and produce all forms of innovative snack seasonings and concepts, accounting for allergen controls, industrial production constraints such as dusting or lumping, as well as evolving declaration obligations.From one country to the next, there exist countless variations in salt and sugar limitations, declaration requirements, cost efficiency constraints, taste authenticity, as well as flavour delivery and impact. Our flavourists and technologists understand and skilfully master these challenges.

By identifying, analysing and interpreting snacking trends and consumer behaviours, MANE’s global consumer intelligence network supplies our seasoning experts with the data they need to create innovative, made-to-measure solutions. This knowledge is combined with MANE’s sensory expertise, in-house ingredients and technologies to develop a portfolio that adapts to all our clients’ needs. MANE simultaneously develops solutions to address health and cost-conscious concerns. By focusing on natural, clean label flavours and ingredients, we provide the tools to invent and develop the next generation of snack products, which have greater health benefits, without compromising on taste. This also includes solutions that respect health and “best for consumer” aspects, while adapting to the cost constraints of certain regions and applications.


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