Intro Research

With nature as our inspiration and foundation, we interpret its endless elements to define our vision of natural flavours and fragrances, using both biotechnologies and new synthetic molecules. The resulting gustative and olfactory creations enrich our palette of ingredients and provide MANE with its consistent competitive edge.

We infuse the industry with creativity through


Innovative identification to discover the essentials of tomorrow
Identification and selection of new natural molecules and raw materials that will define MANE’s next generation of flavours and fragrances.

Organic chemistry

Advanced research driven by sincere emotion
Fundamental research programmes developing molecules that contribute to the singularity of our flavours and fragrances. We are driven by a desire to consistently surpass ourselves, developing new, unprecedented aroma molecules. As a result, over the past 5 years, we have developed and patented 15 new molecules such as Physcool®, an internationally commercialised proprietary, natural cooling agent. We are committed to maintaining our stance at the forefront of innovation by creating 2 unprecedented captives each year. As caring for the environment is of utmost concern to us, we also heavily invest in research programmes that focus on green chemistry processes.


The natural approach to creating aroma chemicals
Research and production of patented aroma chemicals through enzymatic and microbial engineering. We use an environmentally-friendly process to synthesize our 100% natural fragrance and flavour ingredient molecules.


The Science of measuring Odours
The Olfactometry lab is a reflection of our continuous dedication to better serving our customers through use of Innovation. By gaining greater understanding of the raw materials we use, we can apply this knowledge to explore unchartered creative territories in order to go even further in responding to our Customers’ needs and desires.