Regional, economic and social impact of MANE’s activities

At MANE, we believe growth is only sustainable if it is shared. Contributing to the local development of the areas in which the Group operates is a responsibility MANE takes very seriously.
The Group’s contribution to the economic and social development of these communities is reflected in:

  • the creation of permanent local jobs, both direct and indirect;
  • the training and recruitment of local staff;
  • the purchasing of local goods and services;
  • the choice of investments;
  • the decision to set up production sites close to customers.

Our aim is to ensure that our activities create value and opportunity for the communities and territories in which do business by supporting employment, training and local industry. Through this commitment, we stimulate the local socioeconomic fabric and facilitate the transfer of skills.

Partnerships and sponsorship

MANE’s commitment to local communities involves general interest measures in its countries of operation. This social commitment is based on close relationships with associations and local authorities and takes many forms: donations to charity, involvement of employees in community projects, financial support to associations and NGOs.

Here are some examples:

  • In Indonesia, access to medical care is a factor of social inequality. This is why, for several years now, MANE’s site in Cikarang in Indonesia has been successfully organising free medical consultation days (health checks and treatment if necessary) for local residents. Each year, more than 500 people from 6 neighbouring villages benefit from this medical programme.
  • Also in Indonesia, for 10 years now, MANE has supported the NGO Yayasan Emmanuel, an association that helps over 5000 children and individuals each month through 7 programmes focused on education, housing and community services. In 2007, this commitment started with financial support to build an orphanage. Then in 2008, MANE committed to sponsoring 150 students as part of the NGO's « Outreach Programme », which aims to increase access to education for disadvantaged children. Currently, 250 children are sponsored by MANE to cover their school fees. However, the goal of the programme is not merely to pay school fees; it also provides the social support children need to succeed and make the most of their studies.
  • Since 2016, MANE do Brazil has participated with the Brazilian NGO « Onda Verde » in a forestry project aimed at restoring areas degraded by agricultural activities such as the planting of indigenous trees. MANE financially supports the planting of seedlings, including maintenance for at least 3 years.
  • In China, MANE Shanghai has supported the association « The Children of Madaifu » since 2013. This association looks after children from poor families in the impoverished Chinese provinces of Gansu and Shaanxi whose parents have disappeared or passed away. Through a 5-year programme, MANE has been providing financial aid to help 15 children (high school and university students) with living expenses and tuition until they enter the job market. MANE then offers internships to interested students. Each year, MANE Shanghai also runs the « Love Apples » operation in partnership with « The Children of Madaifu ». MANE buys apples from the association and the profits from this sale are used to fund the association's activities, especially the « Orphanage without walks » programme allowing children to go to school and continue their studies while staying with close family. The purchase of 10 kg of apples enables the association to support one child for two months. Some of the apples purchased are also given to a French pastry school called « Shanghai Young Bakers », which make pastries that are then purchased by MANE and given to employees.
  • In 2016, MANE Thailand organised an auction of office furniture that was still in good condition but no longer used. The aim was for employees to take part in order to collect money for Ban U-Tapao Primary School, located near the site. Thanks to this donation, the school was able to equip its covered playground with a high bay LED lighting system, allowing it to be used in the evenings by the school and the community.