Since 1871, MANE has cultivated its expertise in natural extraction methods, chemical synthesis and purifications processes. It is a vocation passed on from one generation to the next, ensuring the continued passion and commitment to sourcing the best raw materials in order to create our flavour and fragrance compositions.

By merging traditional know-how with revolutionary scientific discoveries, we allow new, more eco-friendly creations to emerge.


Traditional processes
Thanks to our knowledge and expertise in traditional extraction processes, we provide an outstanding palette of ingredients to our clients and partners:

  • Concrete and Resinoid: These ingredients result from the extraction of fresh or dried botanical materials with a volatile solvent. The raw material is mixed with solvent(s), which will cause the volatile substances to be naturally extracted. The solution is then filtrated. The solvent is eliminated by evaporation; it can be condensed and recycled in a storage tank. The resulting extracts are highly concentrated and are not entirely soluble in alcohol.
  • Absolute: An absolute results from the extraction of a concrete or resinoid with ethanol. The concrete is mixed with alcohol and gently heated in a still. The alcoholic solution is then cooled and filtered to remove the odourless and insoluble waxes, which can constitute as much as 55% of the concrete. The ethanol is eliminated by evaporation; it can be condensed and recycled in a storage tank. The resulting absolute is entirely soluble in alcohol.

From essential oils to absolutes, from isolates to aroma chemicals, our flavour and fragrance creations are manufactured with the finest and most unique specialty ingredients. These elements have contributed to MANE’s internationally renowned success.



Molecular distillation/fractionation
Although a vast array of separation techniques for extracting heat sensitive compounds from food products exist, some foods may be less tolerant of high boiling points, which will adversely affect them. A perfect solution for successfully achieving the separation of essential oils fractions with these foods is molecular distillation. This process purifies isolates and aroma chemicals by powerful vacuum, so essentially, heat sensitive material is only exposed to heat for a short time under high vacuum. In this manner, the extracted elements are optimally preserved.


Controlled release, extended duration
Encapsulation can be accomplished in a variety of methods, and its focus is to provide isolation, protection, controlled release, and ameliorated stability for both volatile flavours and fragrances. MANE has developed and mastered various encapsulation processes, to tailor the right encapsulation process to the final application.


Creating singular tastes
Extrusion is a technology which is not only exceedingly versatile but also cost-effective. In a continuous effort to create innovative ways in which to apply extrusion, we at MANE utilize it in a variety of methods, predominantly:

  • Cooked AND extruded products: Natural raw materials are treated under a specific temperature range and atmospheric pressure, resulting in formed flakes or flavouring preparations possessing unique cooked or roasted culinary profiles.
  • Encapsulated products: Encapsulation partnered with extrusion allows you to capture or emphasise your desired aroma or flavour, while simultaneously creating your chosen shape, in a cost-effective manner. This method is particularly effective for fresh and citrus notes, as it most optimally preserves their highly volatile and subtle components. The technology behind this method is to create a molten mass in which the elements to be encapsulated are dispersed or dissolved using low heat and poor oxygen conditions. As the mass solidifies, it traps the active components. The release of encapsulated products may occur as the result of the application's specifically designed trigger.

Extrusion allows us to capture or conceive unique aromas and flavours, in order to enhance our clients’ creations.