Intro Multisensorial

To truly take pleasure in and relish food, one must experience it through the five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. The more senses involved, the more distinctive and memorable the moment will become. Flavour solutions are indispensable to the sensorial experience, as they engage not only smell and taste, but also touch, hearing and vision, via strategically-designed release systems and trigeminal elements.

MANE’s diverse delivery system technologies provide an endless palette of solutions to enhance sensorial experiences.


MANE N-CAPTURE™ platform represents a wide variety of encapsulation technologies that provide specific technical and sensorial benefits that go beyond flavour, such as colour, shape and texture. These include: plating, spray-drying, spray-coating, extrusion, and co-extrusion, which allow us to create diverse forms and sizes of flavour solutions, powders, granules and capsules that respond to the technical and sensorial challenges of all types of food matrices:

  • Flavour stability
  • Controlled flavour release
  • Flavour impact and extended duration
  • Active delivery
  • Visual inclusions
  • Crunchy inclusions

MANE offers one of the widest encapsulation portfolios within the flavour industry, and features production sites around the world dedicated to all types of applications: tea, confectionery, oral care, savoury, bakery, beverages, desserts, etc.

Release System


Sensations play an indispensable role in defining the sensorial experience of consuming food and drinks, and consequently, in the marketing mix defined by their manufacturers. Sensations can also support functional claims and demonstrate a reason to believe, enabling consumers to truly understand and experience the brand promise. Finally, sensations can render your product unique, adding a signature dimension to its flavour profile. Trigeminal compounds are distinctive flavour substances that generate the cool, hot, or juicy sensations consumers enjoy in food and drinks.

The SENSE CAPTURE™ FEEL range includes a complete portfolio of flavour solutions for cooling, warming, mouth-watering and tingling sensations, comprised of different durations and intensity properties. The SENSE CAPTURE™ FEEL flavours are obtained by combining proprietary molecules or compounds with MANE sweet and savoury flavours. They are available as natural flavourings or in flavouring regulatory format.

Focus on cooling

MANE delivers high-performing freshness with a unique, long lasting sensation, free of the taste and smell of mint and with no bitterness. SENSE CAPTURE™ cooling solutions use PHYSCOOL™, MANE’s proprietary cooling molecule in synergy with other coolings and flavours to design the desired freshness sensation in term of intensity and lasting effect. Based on the latest chemosensory research, MANE R&D continuously screens and evaluates new trigeminal molecules and compounds to expand the SENSE CAPTURE™ FEEL portfolio and help brands deliver unprecedented sensory experiences to their consumers.

Trigeminal Systems

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