Surabaya opening Content Image

To accommodate growing businesses in East Java province, MANE Indonesia opened a new branch office in the city of Surabaya in East Java.

The new branch office for flavour and fragrance occupies three floors and consists of a meeting room, office space, and application lab. It also has three rooms for storing various sweet and savoury flavours and fragrances. An R&D employee with technical expertise will soon be joining the office to support the East Java sales team.

Yves Zeller, MANE Indonesia General Manager, officiated the opening ceremony. Also in attendance were Iwan Gunawan, MANE Indonesia Flavour Business Director, and other MANE Indonesia employees.

Yves ceremoniously cut the tumpeng rice, handing the first two cuts to Liza Setiawan and Yentaria Wijaya, account managers for the East Java area. Tumpeng has an important meaning in Indonesia, where it is only served on special occasions as a symbol of a new beginnings, togetherness and gratitude.

Moving forward, this office will act as a hub for MANE Indonesia in the eastern region of Java.