From science to marketing, MANE teams around the world are dedicated to transforming high-end technologies into exquisite olfactory creations that exceed consumer expectations.

At MANE, innovation sparks when consumer demands merge with state-of-the-art fragrance solutions.

What innovation means at MANE

Innovation, quality and performance

Our R&D teams are committed to providing superior performance in terms of long-lasting hold, malodour counteraction, and more to every fragrance solution we develop for our clients and their consumers. Throughout it all, we strive to create the highest degree of sensoriality, and ensure the utmost attention to safety and sustainability. Our GREEN MOTION™ tool, which integrates the 12 principles of Green Chemistry, drives our R&D and team of perfumers to develop new solutions with a consistently more eco-friendly approach.

Our various centres of expertise

As R&D is in our DNA, we constantly invest in a wide scope of activities. Our R&D is divided into 4 centres of expertise:

  • New molecules & extraction technologies, including our captives portfolio and our breakthrough green extraction technology, JUNGLE ESSENCE™
  • Green actives in partnership with KANCOR
  • Fragrance and raw material performance addressing long-lastingness, blooming and malodour counteraction through our POWERBLOOM™, POWERLAST™ and FRESHPLEX™ platforms, respectively
  • Fragrance delivery systems including :
    MANENCAPS™, our encapsulation platform;
    AQUAFINE™ for innovative water-based fragrance micro emulsion solutions;
    for long-lasting and diffusive air-freshening technology;
    POWERTOUCH™ for fragrance gestures.

Innovation on an international scale

As MANE strives to satisfy consumers around the global and their consistently evolving habits, we have dedicated innovation teams throughout the world.

Innovation Quality