Intro Our Specialities

Ranging from traditional extractions to biotechnologically obtained molecules, through our innovative Jungle Essence™ extracts, our manufacturing processes are inimitable. In a constant quest for excellence, our teams tirelessly travel the world, collecting raw materials and forging partnerships with remote communities. In this way, we are able to secure sourcing, diminish supply chains, circumvent price fluctuations, and offer you premium ingredients options. The secret to our vast success is present in our exclusive portfolio, enabling us to formulate technically performing sophisticated compounds derived from only optimal quality, specialty ingredients. The combination of our craftsmanship, know-how, process mastery and technological team support, have all contributed to MANE’s position as a worldwide leader in its sector.

Nature in its purest form: MANE strives to offer the ultimate natural solution to your needs in our products.

Jungle Essence™

Our range of Jungle Essence™ specialties provide extracts that virtually mirror the olfactive characteristics of the raw materials from which they are derived. The consequence of revolutionary extraction technology based on the extractive properties exhibited by particular fluids under supercritical conditions, the odorous molecules of the raw material are extracted via gas at high pressure state and low temperature. The resulting extracts are pure in form whithout residual solvents and achieved through an environmentally-friendly process which can be ECOCERT certified. MANE has also developed the innovative Jungle Essence™ nomadic tool, enabling our teams to search the world, returning with precious samples of unique and unusual scents collected from remote and isolated locations, fuelling the creativity of perfumers and flavourists. Find out more about Jungle Essence™.


One of the most essential and popular flavours to be found the world over, MANE is proud to be considered as the industry leader in optimal quality, natural vanilla production. This is not only owing to our excellence in vanilla chain management, but also to our unique extraction technologies. Over 40 years of vanilla sourcing in Madagascar has enabled us to establish a long-term partnership with FLORIBIS, whose vanilla plantation and vanilla quality preparation units guarantee MANE’s excellence and superiority. This valuable partnership additionally ensures us to best control costs, product availability regardless of vanilla bean fluctuations, and full traceability from flower to the extracts and quality of the vanilla beans, meticulously controlled and audited at every level.

Natural molecules

Biotechnology gives us the ability to provide you with a wide range of natural molecules, among which natural lactones, whose quality is the result of 23 years of research, development and production. MANE utilises environmentally-friendly processes to synthesise 100% EU natural molecules. At our facilities in Le Bar-sur-Loup, in the South of France, over 40 natural molecules are industrially processed. In a constant effort for innovation, MANE has recently finalized an exclusive alliance with an important producer of natural molecules, now granting us the possibility to produce on a huge scale.


Culinary extracts

Today’s consumers are in search of naturalness, and to best meet their demands, one requires effective solutions for the clean labelling and culinary signatures of savoury applications. MANE fulfils these needs by supplying its latest series of flavourful concentrated juices, derived from locally sourced raw materials, a result of our time-tested expertise in enzymatic hydrolysis. Please enquire about our complete selection of meat, fish, seafood and vegetables.

Spices and mint

MANE’s commitment to continually grow its offering led us to acquire a majority stake in KANCOR, a major food and beverage ingredients provider in 2014. This partnership benefits us by increasing our control over essential oils, spices and mint sourcing, in an effort to assure their quality and traceability, as well as cultivating the development of novel and innovative ingredients.

Cooling agents

It has been over 20 years since MANE patented its Physcool®, a molecule recognised for its significant long-lasting cooling effect. This ground-breaking product in its natural version provides the longest time of intensity to be found in any natural cooling agent. Physcool® allows cooling without causing a menthol taste; therefore, it is applicable for any flavour tonalities. MANE now offers a wide range of Physcool® mixes suitable to all types of applications, while completing the gamut of sensorial effects.