The rebirth of enfleurage

Historically, delicate flowers were extracted by enfleurage which is based on the capacity of fatty substances to absorb odorous molecules. Practiced since antiquity, this technique was perfected in Grasse, in the South of France and was widely used from the beginning of the 18th century.

MANE has reinvented the enfleurage process, using advanced technology, to catch the signature scent of Nature.

Fragile flowers are macerated in a natural vegetable oil right next to the field to guarantee optimal freshness. This infusion process is followed by a JUNGLE ESSENCE™ extraction, accomplishing a perfect balance between top and heart notes.

The resulting extract, called E-PURE JUNGLE ESSENCE™, reveals a beautiful scent, rendering the true profile of fresh flowers. Combining tradition and innovation, this environmentally friendly extraction now offers a green alternative to absolutes, adding a new range of fresh flower extracts to the perfumers' palette.