Intro Consumer Goods

Our development centres around the world adhere to a multi-local approach, which grants our creative teams the consumer insight needed to merge the essence of local cultures into our creations.

Fuelled by passion, MANE Perfumers express their talent and creativity through all fragrance categories.

Lend glamour to daily life

Our regional panels benchmark our new fragrances for the benefit of our customers’ products, in order to create winning scents that bring added value to their brands. Throughout the development process, our technology experts ensure the technical quality, efficiency and base-compatibility of our fragrances. They also collaborate with MANE’s partners and customers in order to create new and innovative market prototypes.

MANE creates not only original and exquisite fragrances, but also high-performing, competitive compositions that befit all applications, from toiletries to fabric care, including its natural and proprietary cooling agent, Physcool®, which can be used in skincare formulations. Through consistent analysis and integration of consumer insights and market trends, MANE develops cutting-edge fragrances that draw on its technical expertise and seamlessly fit targeted brands and markets.
Our teams understand our clients’ and customers’ needs. Our Perfumers transcribe them into a unique olfactive experience.

Hair Care

Today’s consumers demand professional results. To address these needs, we highlight the benefits of shampoos, conditioners and hair colorations by creating appealing and lasting fragrances that infuse them.

Skin Care

Drawing on our insights into market trends and consumer uses and habits, we conceive unique fragrances that are specifically designed for your brand’s skin care and body wash products. The resulting scents are a pleasure for the senses, and create products that consumers enjoy using on a daily basis.

Fabric Care

We apply our expertise and technology to create long-lasting fragrances for fabric care products that will enhance the softness of freshly-cleaned clothes, house linen and towels.

Air & Home Care

Finding the perfect balance between performance and emotion allows us to design fragrances that will support the functional benefits of your detergents, provide solutions for odour control, as well as enhance the welcoming, caring atmosphere of your home.