Intro Flavourist School

At MANE, we carefully select and nurture the best talents

Composers of innovative products and unexpected tastes, flavourists are sensation enthusiasts that use their art to enhance people’s daily food and drink experiences. MANE, with its unique flavourist culture and strong values that are transmitted from one generation to the next, looks for creative, spontaneous, charismatic, passionate individuals to join its team.

A unique professional and human experience

Trainees follow a customised, two-year programme structured around the unique organoleptic descriptors vocabulary developed by MANE’s Flavour Sensory Analysis Department. Over the course of the first year, participants discover the formulation of sweet and savoury products, following the MANE flavourist internal guidelines. During the second year, trainees have the option to specialise in either the sweet or savoury category. Over the course of this programme, trainees will acquire knowledge in natural and chemical raw materials, formulation, application, innovation, regulation, sensory analysis and consumer preferences. Junior Flavourists complete their training “on the job”, under the mentorship of a Senior Flavourist. The enriching experiences lived in a variety of research and development centres around the world complements the material they previously learned.

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